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Girard- Cazaugitat, Aquitaine, France

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Privately located amidst stunning countryside at the end of a tiny unkept lane you discover Girard.  This 50 acre estate was once a small hamlet.   The whole property is surrounded by further countryside, vines and woods, making Girard uniquely quiet from civilisation.


Girard is a medley of parkland, prairie and woods.  Mysteriously, Girard was fenced many years ago and compounded with the property having been uninhabited for nearly twenty years it has evolved into a safe haven for wildlife.  The fence is broken here and there so the animals can come and go but many have chosen to stay.  


The vast perimeter over a challenging changing terrain in parts makes the erection of this high fence bizarre especially as this was once a small hamlet but the mayor talks of the resistance being on the property and of an old track used for their escape......  As you descend to the lower perimeter of the property you will pass the source where the deer and wild boar come to abate their thirst, and remnants of old stone walls from cart tracks of centuries ago until the vegetation gives way to the low lying poplar forest where ferns, mosses and orchids thrive.


There were no inhabitable dwellings on the property so we imported an airstream from Jacksonville to live in temporarily whilst we restored the old farmhouse. As Girard is such a stunning, inspiring place it always made sense to share it with those who might really benefit from its magic and so we decided to convert the airstream into something spectacular and build the dream cabin to go with it.


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The Executive


Girard & The Farmhouse